Singletail Whip Links
My collection of links and addresses for singletail whips

In December of 2005 there was a discussion thread on an obscure Yahoo group concerning the question of who is the best singletail whip maker. As is common in such discussions, everybody who cared to comment had their own opinion. I personally don’t think I have the expertise to judge one “best” maker, but the discussion did send me on a web search for several that I knew of. I was a bit surprised to find that even though I could find lists with twenty or thirty links, none of them listed all the people I knew of, and in many cases the links and addresses were woefully out of date. I decided I could do better than that.

What you will find on the pages linked from here is the result. I started with the twenty bookmarks I had saved in my browser and went looking for more. After I got the first version on line other people contributed. The current count is more than one hundred. I have included the name(s) of the actual braider where I can determine who it is.

Many of the maker and seller pages have information about whip types, construction and care as well as places to buy whips. My original intention was to include sites with whip information whether or not there were whips for sale at that location. It rapidly became apparent that it would be wise to split the list onto two pages to make things easier to find. I also uncovered something I hadn‘t originally considered: performers and teachers. I decided to include them on a separate page.

Deciding which page a particular item belongs on isn’t always easy. My rules are:

If there’s whips for sale, it goes on the Makers and Sellers page.

After that, if there’s performers or teachers offering services, it goes on the Performers and Teachers page.

Everything else goes on the Information page.

Because of this you will find lots of links on the Makers and Sellers page with whip information and some with whip performers or teachers. You will also find links to whip information on the Performers and Teachers page.

Inclusion in this list does not constitute any recommendation or endorsement by me of any product or information.
I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any information you may find or the honesty, craftsmanship or knowledge of any vendor, whip maker, performer or teacher that these links may lead to.
I cannot guarantee these links are up to date. The web changes all the time and I will review these only infrequently. The best I can say is that they worked the last time I tried them.
I do not claim this is a comprehensive list, it is only what I know about. If you know of a reference that should be included or a correction or addition to what is here, please send me a link.


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